Collection: Climate

The paintings in this collection were mainly done in 2019 and 2020. They reflect my interests in abstract, mixed media/collage and poured abstract art.

Inspired by the wildfires in Australia and the melting polar caps, as well as the damage done to the planet in other ways.

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My series highlighting the devastating effects of climate change. In this piece, a kangaroo looks away from a burning scene. The dramatic colours of orange, yellow, purple, white and blue increase the intensity of the artwork. Millions of animals were killed in the wild fires that raced across S.E. Australia in 2019 and 2020. Watching video taken during the fires was heartbreaking and expressing my sorrow in art was an outlet for me.

Terrible fires are still burning in huge areas of Australia, destroying millions of animals, land, homes and people. Beyond donating money to help people rebuild, I felt driven to paint what I felt about the devastation and impact climate change is having on our planet. In this particular piece, I imagined what the Australian land mass would look like from above, with the blue/ turquoise forms indicating water and the orange/ red areas showing where the fires are burning. I felt very sad and also angry to see so much of this beautiful country burning out of control. Because I have visited Australia, met the people, seen the unique flora and fauna, watching videos on the news of the fires felt that much worse. My Angry Planet Series seemed best expressed using an abstract style.