Artist Statement

Making art for me has always been an on going process and the variety of  paintings you will see on my website reflect this philosophy. Even though the range and variety of work keeps changing, I always build on what has come before.  Although I was exclusively a watercolour portrait artist for 15 years, the love of figurative/portrait work still comes through in my current collection of mixed media/collage and abstract acrylic work. 

 Living and working in San Miguel de Allende Mexico for 16 winters , I have been strongly influenced by the vibrant culture and colours of this most fascinating country. The other influence on my artwork has been foreign travel. There was a time when I relied upon my travel photos for inspiration but now I look “inside” for inspiration.  Working from imagination is both freeing and challenging. I never know how a painting will turnout at the beginning and that is exciting. Letting the painting tell me what it needs is how I work now.  Working with ideas from my extensive travel and  collecting  bits and pieces from entrance tickets, maps, colourful brochures , Japanese Washi paper and found objects to create a mixed media/collage piece is great fun and very exciting.  A trip to Japan  influenced one of my collections that you can see on my website.  I invite you to join me in  my  art journey .